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Water management

Water conservation

Water is a scarce and essential natural resource. Conserving and maintaining water quality is a critical component of maintaining the health of our environment and our quality of life. North Keppel Island relies solely on rainfall for the water supply to service the education centre. This requires that an efficient means of collecting rainwater be instituted and prudently managed to ensure the centre's continued viability.

In many instances this will be the students first introduction to the value and importance of water as a resource not only on North Keppel Island, but also in their home and school lives and importantly the world as a whole.

The collection and utilisation of the Island’s water resource provides opportunities for learning experiences which are relevant to the core learning outcomes in the SOSE syllabus. The sustainability and use of the Island’s water resource provides opportunities for learning experiences which will meet core learning outcomes within the Place and Space, Time Continuity, and Change, and Systems, Resources and Power strands. The learning activities which can be developed around this facet of North Keppel Island’s operation encourages fertile cross curricular activities within all other key learning areas. Activities can be developed which not only contribute to particular core learning outcomes of all key learning areas, but importantly have an everyday application and real life relevance to the students lives. The North Keppel Island Environmental Centre's aim is for the students to accept and realise that they as an individual can make a difference to the environment in which they live.


Each A cabin has a water meter to keep track of sustainable fresh water usage.

Visiting teachers can collect this data and the studnets can use an excel spreadsheet to create graphs to analyse for STEM.